Boomtown was born in July 2014 when Tim Sproal (Minim Wine), Pat Underwood (Little Reddie) and Jarad Curwood (Chapter Wine) were dreaming about a place to make their own wine locally. Whilst not achievable as individuals, the idea of taking a shared lease, with shared equipment and three winemakers made the most sense. Each of the three original winemakers put forward to barrels of red wine into the original Boomtown Red blend...a metaphor for what they were creating and importantly an income stream for the new business. The lease was signed and doors opened in January 2015 with a big party and a lot of nerves! 

Boomtown is a place of experimentation, learning and general entertainment, sourcing grapes from great local vineyards and making wines with sense of honesty that told stories about our home. Boomtown functions as an incubator for emerging wine labels, and as such, we bid farewell to Chapter Wine is early 2017, with Jarad setting up his own space in Harcourt Valley. In recent vintages we have welcomed Nick Jeffrey of Jeffrey Wine to the shed and in vintage 2018, Lucy Kendall and Alice Le Strange of Cultivar processed four tonnes of fruit under their Wine By George label.

The wines offered under the Boomtown label are worked on as a collective, whilst the individual winemakers guide their own wines to bottle; Tim makes Minim Wine and Pat makes Little Reddie. Boomtown wines are simple, local blends with a sense of familiarity and comfort - house wines, bistro style, vin de soif....not to inspire endless consideration, just good drinking and importantly, a strong Central Victorian fabric.

 We welcome visitors to the cellar door weekends and like nothing more than showing you what we make and talking about the region.